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raggedywings asked: "omg i actually have a question for you *3*, BUT HOW DID YOU MAKE YOUR BOW FOR HAWKEYE?"

That was made from cardboard sandwiched between sheets of Wonderflex. However, I started remaking it with a flattened PVC pipe, which is a whole lot easier, cheaper, and sturdier.

I don’t have any photos of the new bow, but here’s the gist of it:

Take a PVC pipe at the length that you want your bow to be. Then heat it up with a heat gun and squish it flat. You can really flatten the tips but leave it more rounded out near the middle for a more designed look. Then curve it into the right shape with more heat and a circular object like a pot or a thigh.

I used this guy’s video for the general idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95Buzpjllgo

Images of some of his bows: http://backyardbowyer.deviantart.com/gallery/41699039

For cosplay purposes, I’d curve it a little more than he has so that you don’t need as strong a cord to keep the bow curved. Also a less likely chance to accidentally hurt someone when posing with arrows.

Hope that helps!

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battty asked: "could you tell me how you made your cardstock patches for your sasha cosplay?"

Ah! Sorry for the late response. I’ve been terrible at replying to messages.

1. Print the design onto regular cardstock. Good widths for them are 8 inches for the back, 2 inches for the sides/arms, and 1.75 inches for the front.

I modified the design a bit so the wings don’t stuck out of the sides. I can post the png files if anyone wants.

2. Make ‘em sturdier. I covered the back with duct tape, though that turned out to be a bad idea. Duct tape doesn’t like being glued to things, so my front patch fell off after the second con.

I suggest just leaving them as plain old card stock. Though I have been thinking about using double-sided iron-on interfacing to stick the patches on.

3. Cut them out. Then take a black marker and go around the edges so you don’t see the gross white sides (even cardstock is 3D!).

4. Bend the arm patches a little so they will sit nicely against your bulging biceps.

5. Coat the front and back with clear Plasti Dip spray. I got a can at a hardware store for $7. Do 4+ layers. Make sure you do this in a ventilated area. I accidentally got a whiff of this stuff and I swear my nose hairs were set ablaze.

6. Attach these suckers onto your jacket. I used Gorilla glue that was laying around, though that was really messy since that stuff expands. 

Iron-on interfacing will be my next attempt.


I have horrible cheapo methods, but for some reason I can somehow make it look good. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the photos, George!

Not the most accurate, but I’ll hopefully have the 3dmg and better boots/jacket once I get a group together.

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raggedywings asked: "what do i need to fill things. like i have 2 craft foam glued together, but i'm trying to cover the sides so it looks like one thick thingy."

Mod Podge!!


Glob a coat or two of Mod Podge onto the edge. Careful not to drip. Takes a bit to dry though. I also recommend coating the rest of the foam in Mod Podge before the edges just so it’s all uniform (and it also makes the foam sturdier and ready to be painted).

Otherwise, you could hot glue a strip onto the edge, and then use the side of the glue gun nozzel to smooth it out, though craft foam gets burned pretty easily so I don’t recommend that.

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the-duchess-of-spring-fling asked: "Your AC2 cosplay is amazing! I'm working on my own and I can only hope it turns out as well as yours!"

Thank you! I bet yours will be awesome! I’d love to see some photos when you’re done.

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They’re strips of vinyl! Colored the back and sides black, then sewed along the edges to give them more definition.

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AC2 Cosplay: Detail Shots

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Assassin’s Creed II » World’s Tiniest Ezio (or a recruit?)

Assassin’s Creed II » World’s Tiniest Ezio (or a recruit?)

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So I was definitely going to have some nice Ezio shots up like… a week ago. Should probably go pester Amanda for those photos.

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Not quite done since I ran out of time before the con, but I’m quite proud of myself. I even did finishing seams on the jacket!

If I get a chance to wear this again, I’ll hopefully have the maneuver gear too.

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